Pure Imagination: A Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Fan Fic – Chapter 1   3 comments

This was the first story I ever wrote. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Let me know what you think of it by commenting down below, click like, and also pass it on to your friends. Follow my blog so you can get an e-mail notice when I post another one. Thanks for reading my stories in advance.

by Tonee Rhian Rose

Author’s note: This story is about a girl named Ellette who uses her imagination to find a real friend.

This story is about how wishes can come true if you wish long enough and hard enough.

Disclaimer: The Strange Days at Blake Holsey High characters do not belong to me only the girl Ellette and her family does.

Chapter 1

Once there was a girl named Ellette Nigma. She wished very much that she had a real friend that she could talk to and share things with, for all she had were her imaginary friends that she’d created from all of her favorite TV shows. She never had any real friends that lasted for very long for every time she got one sooner or later they always let her down. Also she had a horrible family that made fun of her favorite shows (Especially Strange Days at Blake Holsey High) and music artists and that wasn’t the half of it. She had a pet cockatiel named Charlie whom she loved more than anything in the world and they were always talking about taking him away from her.

One day as she was watching her favorite show Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, she saw her favorite character Professor Zachary or Z for short. He was the very handsome tall blue-eyed high school science teacher that all the students loved.

‘I wish he could be my friend.’ she thought. All of a sudden, a wormhole appeared in the middle of the floor. ‘This is my chance to find a real friend and to escape my lousy rotten family. I’ll take Charlie with me through the wormhole. They’ll never find us there.’ thought Ellette as she packed a few of her favorite things in her duffle bag. She then grabbed her CD player and the cage containing her bird and jumped into the wormhole.

When she came out on the other side, there stood before her the tall, blue-eyed, very handsome science teacher from the TV. ‘He even looks more handsome in person than he did on the TV,’ she thought. She put down the cage and the CD player and dropped the very heavy bag on the floor. ‘YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! I can’t believe that actually worked!’ she screamed as she fell on the floor laughing.

‘Are you alright, miss?’ asked the concerned man.

‘Who me? Oh yeah, sure, I’m fine now Professor Z,’ she said still laughing.

‘How did you know my name, when clearly I’ve never seen you before in my life?’ he asked.

‘Oh, I came from a parallel dimension where I see you all the time, so naturally I’d know who you are. I even know a few things about your world that none of you know, but I’ll get to that later. I also know who Principal Durst, Josie Trent, Corinne Baxter, Marshall Wheeler, Lucas Randall, and Vaughn and Victor Pearson are too,’ she said, ‘though the Janitor is still quite a mystery to me. I still have no idea where he came from or even his name.’

‘Ok, so you know who we all are, but who are you and what are you doing here?’ he asked.

‘My name is Ellette Nigma and this is my pet cockatiel Charlie. I came here to escape my horrible family. They were trying to take him away from me. Plus I wanted to find a real friend. I never had any real friends that lasted long cause sooner or later they always let me down, but I sensed you were different from what I saw that you’re always loyal to your friends. The only friends I ever had were the pretend one’s that I created from my favorite TV shows. I’ve never even had a boyfriend and I’m 24 years old! So when I saw you, I wished as hard as I could that something would bring me here, then all of a sudden, a wormhole appeared and here I am,’ she said.

‘I see. So, where do you intend to stay? I mean you can’t stay here because you’re too old to be a student and you’re not a member of the staff,’ he said.

‘Well, I was kind of hoping I could stay at your house. I could cook and clean for you and tell you wonderful stories from all the books I brought,’ she said giving him her most innocent look. ‘As for me not being a member of the staff here, you could talk to Principal Durst and ask her if she would hire me as a science tutor. Please Z? I can’t ever go back to my world.’

He thought about it for a few minutes and was just about to give her an answer when Principal Durst barged in the room. ‘Professor Zachary, there’s a meeting in just two minutes. That’s two minutes Professor Zachary!’ she bellowed. As she turned to leave the room, she spotted the girl. ‘And just who is this young lady, Professor Zachary?’

‘She’s uh… She’s uh…’ he stammered.

Thinking quickly Ellette came up with a plausible story. ‘I’m one of his former students from the Toronto, Ontario School for Girls. I was thinking of moving here and I heard that Professor Zachary was teaching here at Blake Holsey High, so I decided to pay him a visit before I went to look at houses. I hope that’s not a problem that I’m here, is it?’ she asked.

‘No, it’s not, miss uh…?’

‘Nigma, Ellette Nigma. Professor Z was telling me how much he could use a good science tutor for some of his students such as Vaughn Pearson and Stewart Kubiac just to name a few and I told him I’d be willing to do it if it was alright with you. So is it ok if I start tomorrow? Professor Z said he’d keep my pet cockatiel Charlie at his house until I found a house of my own since I know you don’t allow pets.’

‘Sure, that’d be fine,’ said Principal Durst.

‘Alright, thanks!’ said Ellette. Principal Durst then left, but not before reminding Professor Z just once more about the meeting that they were both now late for. Ellette then turned to Professor Zachary and said, ‘Thanks so much Z! You were going to let me stay with you, weren’t you?’

‘Well, I guess I have no choice in the matter, now do I?’ said Professor Z.

‘Nope I guess not,’ she said smiling at him. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss on the lips, which was something she’d been dying to do the moment she slid out of the wormhole. He was the first person she’d ever kissed like that in her whole life and it felt good. She felt his warm breath against her face and she never wanted it to end, but she knew at some point it had to.

As they broke the kiss she whispered in his ear, ‘You won’t regret it.’

‘I’m sure I won’t,’ he said smiling down at the 5’4” girl who was wearing all blue clothes.

‘You’d better get to your meeting before you get in trouble,’ she said.

‘What about you?’ he asked. ‘I’ll be fine. I’ll just wait here for you until you get back. Don’t worry Z. I have plenty of things to keep me entertained; besides I have Charlie to keep me company,’ Ellette said. She gave him another kiss for good luck and he left for the meeting.

‘By the way, you can call me Noel if you want,’ he said.

‘Ok, that’s good to know,’ she said.

As Ellette looked for a place to plug in her CD player, her bird Charlie let out a scream in alarm. ‘Boy you have a big voice for such a tiny little bird,’ she said. ‘What’s the matter, hmm?’ He then let out another scream, that’s when she noticed a figure at the door. She opened the door and there before her stood 6’6” tall Stew Kubiac. ‘Yes, can I help you, Stew?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, I’m looking for Professor Z. Have you seen him? Hey, how’d you know my name?’ he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

‘Professor Z told me a lot about his students. He told me that you were the tallest person in the school, so that’s how I knew it was you. Professor Z just left for a staff meeting, but you’re more than welcome to wait here with me. My name is Miss Ellette Nigma. I’m a friend of Professor Zachary’s and I’m going to be your new science tutor,’ she said. Charlie let out yet another scream. ‘That’s enough Charlie! We’re perfectly safe here! Close the door, will you Stew?’

‘Sure Miss Nigma,’ he said. She then made sure all the windows were closed as well before taking her bird out of his cage along with his favorite yellow mirror.

‘I think he’s a little jealous that you might try to take me away from him cause he sees me as one of his girls. He has several mirrors six to be exact and he thinks they’re all females. Either that or it’s because of how big you are cause he never said a word the whole time I was in here with Professor Z,’ she said jokingly.

‘Yeah it’s probably that then,’ he said.

‘Would you like to hold him? I bet he’d be more comfortable with you if he saw how nice you were,’ she said.

‘Sure, why not?’ he said.

‘Ok,’ she said. ‘Hold your arm at a 90 degree angle like this and make sure your sleeve is rolled up past your elbow so he doesn’t get his claws stuck in the material.’ She showed him how to do it. ‘Then gently take the mirror between your thumb and index finger with the glass facing you.’ She then let Charlie climb onto his arm. Charlie started making kissy faces at the mirror. ‘That’s a good sign that he’s totally comfortable with you. He doesn’t do that with just anybody,’ said Ellette.

‘Cool!’ he exclaimed. ‘Well listen Miss Nigma, I have to go or I’ll be late for football practice,’ he said.

‘Ok,’ she said as she put her bird back in his cage. ‘I look forward to tutoring you in science. Be sure to tell Vaughn that whenever he needs help in science that I’ll be here for him too. I’ll explain everything tomorrow in science class.’

‘Ok Miss Nigma. I’ll tell him when I see him at practice.’ he said as he left.

‘I can’t wait to get started tomorrow,’ thought Ellette. ‘These are a great bunch of kids.’ ‘Now where’s that electrical outlet?’ she said aloud. Suddenly the wormhole opened and to her horror out popped her evil brother Elroy.

‘You’re coming with me!’ he said with an evil grin on his face. He grabbed her and…

End of Chapter 1.


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