Pure Imagination: A Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Fan Fic – Chapter 3   1 comment

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Chapter 3

‘I’ll use my teleportation powers to teleport us both to your office in the school, then I’ll open the wormhole and send copies of my self by using replication to create my replicates to gather my things. I figure about six will do. You and I will then gather the things on this side and pile them in a neat little pile. It’s just all my books, movies, my keyboard and the rest of my clothes and the birdseed that I forgot to bring this morning. Also there are my computer disks and recipes and other papers that I don’t want them to get their hands on. Then we’ll transport these things by using my teleportation powers again. This could be dangerous though cause there’s a chance that my replicates will only last a short time if at all on the other side and what if they were captured? I’d have to go get them back; otherwise I don’t think I’d survive. Promise me if that happens, you’ll take care of Charlie. He means everything to me Noel.’

‘I promise,’ he said still unsure of the girl in front of him.

‘Ok,’ she said. ‘We’ll need a 50 foot rope.’

‘Ok,’ he said. ‘What’s that for?’

‘The rope is for just in case I have to jump in to rescue my replicates,’ she explained. He got the rope she asked for. ‘Ok take my hand and hold on tight and whatever you do don’t let go or you may end up unstuck in the universe and I won’t be able to get you back,’ she said.

He grabbed her hand and as soon as he did that, they disappeared in a ball of blue light. Seconds later they appeared in Professor Z’s office. She used replication to create the replicates. ‘I’ll have to cast a spell. I figure since this is from my imagination, any spell I make up should work. I saw this on TV before,’ she said. ‘Separatus Multiplyum!’

They instantly appeared. She gave them instructions on what to do and she willed the vortex to open with her mind. One at a time, they all jumped in. They started throwing her things in the hole and she and Professor Z gathered them up. Everything was working according to plan. Just as they had gathered the last of her things, the replicates jumped in the vortex. She counted them as they came out, ‘One, two, three, four, five, and si… Where’s number six?’ she asked the others.

‘Oh it’s awful!’ they cried in unison. ‘She got captured by your brother Elroy! He said that if you didn’t come in one hour, he would kill her!’

‘What do I do?’ she lamented. ‘If I don’t go he’ll kill her and we may both die, but if I do go, he’ll probably kill her anyway, but of course if I got to her first… They might have her well guarded, but they don’t know that I have these new powers except for the replication. This could work.’ she said with a devilish grin. ‘I figure I probably have about an hour before my powers wear off on the other side.’

‘I don’t know Ellette. This might be too dangerous. I should go with you,’ said Professor Z who looked more concerned now than ever. She took his hand gently in hers and held it against her chest.

‘I appreciate your concern Noel, I really do, but I need you to stay here. Besides you promised me you’d take care of Charlie if this happened and I expect you to keep that promise. If I get into trouble, I’ll tug on the rope and you can pull me back here.’

‘Ok,’ he said.

She smiled at him and gave him a kiss. ‘Thanks!’ she said. ‘Just remember that if I don’t make it back that I’ll always love you.’ She gave him another kiss which they both hoped wasn’t goodbye and then she jumped into the vortex. ‘I’ll always love you too, Ellette,’ he said out loud with a single tear running down his cheek.

End of Chapter 3.


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