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Chapter 4

As Ellette came out of the vortex, all of the bad memories washed over her. She remembered all of the broken promises and all of the times they made her cry and the threats of bodily harm if she didn’t stop. They made her feel stupid and unloved and unwanted. ‘Well, it ends here!’ she thought. ‘Today they’re going to learn that I’m not going to take any more of it!’

She wouldn’t kill them, oh no, but they’d be in so much pain that they’d beg her to do it. She’d leave them in anguish to wallow in their misery forever. All she had to do was find the replicate that had been captured and absorb her back into her body like she had done with the others just before she came here by shouting ‘Unitum!’ which is the spell for unity.

She so desperately wanted to be a whole person again. Out of all of her newfound powers, she hated replication the most because it left her vulnerable. She could feel everything they felt, though not as strongly, but nonetheless, she could feel it. She could sense that her replicate was in pain. They’d broken her legs so she couldn’t run away. All it felt like to Ellette was muscle stiffness from not exercising enough. Ellette hoped the pain would subside when she absorbed the replicate.

Her thoughts often wondered back to her bird Charlie and her new best friend Noel. Would Charlie be alright without her? Would Noel take as good care of him as she had? ‘I hope Noel’s as strong as he looks!’ she thought. ‘Cause he’ll need all his strength to pull me back.’

She looked around the corner, and there sat her replicate along with her father Emery. Her mother Eris and her brother Elroy were nowhere in sight. Suddenly she found herself in total darkness. A bag had been placed over her head and someone grabbed her around the middle pinning her arms at her side. She couldn’t fight them off and she couldn’t use her PK ability either. She soon passed out. The rope had been removed and she was placed in a locked room.

On the other side of the vortex, the rope fell limp on the floor. Panicking, he pulled with all his might. When the rope came back to him with no Ellette attached, his heart sank. ‘I knew I shouldn’t have let her go alone!’ he lamented. ‘Now I’ll never see her again!’ ‘What should I do?’ he thought. ‘Should I jump in and save her and break the promise to her, or keep my promise and risk losing her forever?’ He decided to flip a coin. ‘Heads I jump in and Tails I stay here,’ he said out loud. He flipped the coin and it landed Heads up. ‘YES!’ he yelled hoping no one had heard him. He grabbed the rope and tied one end to one of the legs on his desk and the other end tightly around his waist and jumped in the vortex. ‘Hold on Ellette! I’m coming for you!’ he said to himself.

He’d never been much of an adventurer or a hero, but he was about to be. He rounded the corner of the hallway where he ran into Emery. ‘Where is Ellette?’ Professor Zachary demanded to know.

‘She’s in a place you will never find her.’ said Emery. I’d suggest you go back the way you came or you might just find yourself in a similar fate as she.’

‘We will see.’ he said. ‘ELLETTE! ELLETTE! CAN YOU HEAR ME!’ he shouted.

‘Noel?’ she said just returning to consciousness.


‘What POWERS? She HAS NO POWERS!’ said her father.

‘That’s what you think,’ said Professor Z with a sly grin.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ asked Emery. No sooner had he uttered those words, he felt himself raise high off the ground and flip upside down. ‘What the…’ said Emery. The he was dropped on his head, knocking him unconscious. Luckily they’d left Ellette’s hands untied.

Professor Zachary grabbed the keys and set Ellette and her replicate free. She absorbed the replicate by shouting ‘Unitum!’ and then they made their escape after dragging her father to the room she had been held in and relocked it. They made their way back down the corridor hoping like hell that they didn’t run into Eris or Elroy.

Just as they were ready to enter the vortex Eris and Elroy showed up. ‘YOU GO ON AHEAD NOEL!’ she shouted over the noise of the vortex. ‘I’LL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU! I JUST HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF SOMETHING FIRST!’


‘I’LL BE FINE!’ she shouted. ‘NOW GO!’ ‘GO!’ she said again more firmly.

He placed both hands on either side of her face and kissed her. ‘I LOVE YOU!’ he shouted over the noise.

‘I LOVE YOU TOO!’ she shouted back as she pressed her forehead against his and stared in his beautiful blue eyes hoping this wouldn’t be the last time she saw him. ‘NOW GO!’ she said even more firmly this time.

He handed her the rope and jumped in the wormhole. She turned to face her mother and brother. ‘Oh how touching!’ they sneered. ‘Ellette has a boyfriend!’ they mocked as they laughed a devilish laugh.

‘SHUT UP!’ she shouted angrily. ‘WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? YOU NEVER CARED!’

‘Why because my dear Ellette, it’s just so much fun torturing you!’ said Eris.


Her mother and brother started to move towards her. They tried to grab her. ‘DID YOU NOT THINK I WAS SERIOUS?!’ Ellette shouted as she grabbed them both by the throat lifting them high in the air. Their eyes were wide as saucers as they looked at each other then back at her. She smashed their heads together knocking them unconscious. She dropped them in a heap on the floor. Then she jumped in the vortex. On the other side anxiously awaiting was Professor Zachary. He looked like he’d been crying. When he saw Ellette, he let out a shout of joy. This time he didn’t care who heard. She closed the vortex.

‘I thought I was going to lose you!’ he said with tears streaming down his cheeks.

‘I thought I was going to lose me too,’ she said in jest trying to cheer him up. She smiled up at him and he smiled back. They embraced and kissed passionately. She broke the kiss and stared back at the place where the wormhole had been.

‘I have to seal off my wormhole to keep them from following me here again. I can’t keep worrying that they’ll someday try to get me again. They’re not ones who give up easily,’ she said.

She reopened the wormhole. She noticed that the once purple hole was now a bright red one. ‘I don’t know why I never noticed this before,’ she said. ‘Well to close this one and return it to normal I guess I have to think blue thoughts. Blue is the color of happiness. The blue mixed with the red would turn it purple. When I first imagined the vortex up I guess I was thinking red thoughts. Red is the color of anger.’ She concentrated hard trying to think of something that made her happy, but she just couldn’t think of anything other than Charlie, but that just wasn’t enough. She needed something more.

‘I just can’t think of anything that makes me truly happy.’ said Ellette sadly. Thinking quickly, Professor Zachary wrapped his arms around her. That made her very happy. Suddenly the wormhole turned a very bright purple. ‘We did it!’ shouted Ellette. ‘Thanks so much for your help, Noel!’

‘You’re welcome,’ he said as he grabbed and kissed her.

She broke the kiss and smiled. ‘Ok, now I need your help moving my things. I’ll have to create my replicates again,’ she said. She cast the spell she had cast before. ‘Separatus Multiplyum!’ she said.

‘Ok form a circle around the pile,’ she commanded. She took Professor Z’s hand along with the hand of one of her replicates. She concentrated hard. A barrier formed around them. They all disappeared in a ball of blue light and ended up in Professor Zachary’s living room. She had the replicates and Professor Zachary help her move her things into the spare bedroom. She then reabsorbed them by shouting ‘Unitum!’

She then got her bird Charlie ready for bed. It was well afterMidnight. She fed him and gave him fresh water and then she covered him up with a cloth. She got ready for bed herself. As she snuggled up close to Professor Z, and fell asleep in his arms, listening to his heart beat, she thought to herself, ‘I sure do like it here, no scratch that I LOVE it here. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead of me.’

The End

Well that’s all for now, but until next time…These are Strange Days at Blake Holsey High.


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