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This is the final chapter of Gabrielle and Joxer.

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Chapter 3

Soon, they were at the cottage. Guarding the entrance were two minotaurs. ‘Joxer, you go save those girls. We’ll hold them off,’ said Sola.

‘But they’ll beat me to a bloody pulp!’ exclaimed Joxer.

‘No they won’t! Not as long as you hold those flowers! Now GO!’ she shouted.

Joxer took off towards the cottage. The minotaurs charged towards him, but they couldn’t get within five feet of him for there was a barrier around him. Joxer went inside.

Hercules fought the larger of the two minotaurs and Sola fought the smaller using her sword and shield. Xena had taught her how to do flips. She did a no-handed cartwheel; kicking him in the face. He stumbled backwards.

Meanwhile, Hercules was punching the other one in the face. Soon, Sola and Hercules were back to back. They turned slightly to look at each other. Sola smiled at him in agreement for she knew what he wanted to do. They’d done it before against another pair of minotaurs when they were searching for the Sword of Veracity.

They linked their arms and Hercules flipped Sola over his head. She kicked the smaller one in the face and landed a kick on top of the larger one’s head knocking them both out. Then they went inside the cottage to look for Joxer. They found him surrounded by the girls. He had them singing,

‘Joxer the Mighty
He came to set us free
We were transformed into birds
But he listened to Gabby’s words
She told him to never fear
Should he ever shed a tear

Flower power set us free
Cause of Joxer’s love for Gabby
He’s Joxer, Joxer the Mighty!’

Sola started laughing. ‘Looks like Joxer’s got quite a following, wouldn’t you say?’ she said to Gabrielle.

‘Yes, I’d say so. I’m just glad this whole ordeal is over so we can go home,’ she said.

‘It’s not over yet,’ said Hercules. ‘We still have Hera to deal with.’

‘Can’t you talk to Zeus? You know, get her to tone it down just a bit? I mean this is ridiculous, even by her standards,’ said Sola.

‘You know what he’s like. Sometimes he’ll listen, and sometimes he won’t,’ he said.

‘Well, what do you propose we do then?’ she asked.

‘We’re going to raze this cottage to the ground and destroy her vineyard by salting the earth so nothing will grow here again. If she wants a vineyard, she’ll have to grow it someplace else,’ he said.

Sola said, ‘I’ll run back toCyrene’s and get the salt and some torches.’ She was off like a flash. She ran as gracefully as a gazelle. She burst in through the door which surprised Xena.

‘What happened? Is everyone alright?’ she asked.

Sola smiled and said, ‘Yes, everyone is okay. Joxer set all the girls free. I’m just here to get some salt and torches cause we’re gonna burn the cottage, and destroy the vineyard. You guys are welcome to come and help us. The forest is no longer enchanted.’

Xena and Iolaus went with Sola back to the cottage. Soon it was on fire. Sola had brought a couple of baskets, and she picked as many grapes as they could hold, before they burned them too. Then they took the salt and spread it all over the ground.

Two days later, Joxer and Gabrielle were married by Amphion. They went on to have many, many children, and they lived happily ever after.

The End


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